All-in-one Environment for Your Test Automation Projects

Ranorex Studio provides an all-in-one environment for developing Ranorex test automation software projects. In addition to common IDE features like a code editor, code completion and debugging. Ranorex Studio also integrates all of the Ranorex tools and the powerful Ranorex Library in one professional environment.

Ranorex Studio supports test implementation with C# and VB.NET. Regardless which language you use, the integrated Ranorex Recorder and Ranorex Object Repository automatically generate the right source code for your selected language.

Ranorex Studio - Main Features

Ranorex Studio - test automation software

"Because Ranorex tests applications from a user's point of view, it is a better alternative to conventional testing tools. And because it provides increased testing accuracy and ease-of-use, it is an even more appealing tool."

George Norman, Software Editor at FindMySoft
New created project
Data-driven testing interface
Easy-to-use test data editor
Code completion within the code editor
Debugging test automation code
Intuitive report file