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Top Benefits of Using Ranorex Test Automation Solution

Test Automation for Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps

The All-in-One Test Automation Tool

Testing Solution for Many Environments, Devices and Software Applications

Automated testing for desktop, web and mobile software including the following 
technologies: .NET, WPF, Windows Forms, Qt, Java, SAP, Delphi, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight,
iOS, Android, Windows Apps (native/hybrid/mobile web) and many more.

Run the same test case across different browsers
(i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), that has been recorded only once.

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"Our company needed a "silver bullet" to aid in the automated testing of our wide variety of technologies. As we evaluated Ranorex, it solved so many of the problems we had faced."

Stephen Harmon, Control4

One Size Fits All

Seamless Integration of Ranorex
into Existing Environments –
Maximum Flexibility

Integrate your test automation projects into existing development or testing environments, enabling comprehensive tool chains like continuous integration (CI) processes, test management tools, Visual Studio among a few.

Test suites can generate executable files (.exe), allowing everyone (testers, developers, managers, CI-servers, TM-tools, scheduling tools etc.) to execute only.

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"Ranorex covers complete test cycles. Especially the opportunity to test several operations collaterally has been one of the prime reasons for our decision to use the software. The integration in our existing IT environment has been very smooth so that we have been able to get to work immediately."

Carsten Hütgens, Senior Developer, hsp Handels-Software-Partner GmbH

Not Just for Geeks

Automating Tests for Beginners and Experts Alike
Testing for Teams That Include Differing Skill Sets and Responsibilities

Script-Free Testing for Non-Programmers
Ranorex offers easy-to-use test automation software for developing and managing projects in teams
that include both testers and developers. Install Ranorex easily using a step-by-step wizard, and
get started by quickly setting up your test environments.

Ranorex provides script-free testing for non-programmers using drag & drop functionality, 
as well as professional API for C# and VB.NET to enhance test suites and recordings.

"In total the test execution times of the test automation projects were significantly improved. In conjunction with a new test case design, ease of use, the functionality of the software and C# as the standard programming language, new test cases can now be implemented more effectively than with the old software."

Test Software Development Lead, Siemens Healthcare Computed Tomography

Companies Rely on Ranorex
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Support for 3rd Party Controls and Web UI Frameworks

You get support for dynamic IDs, customizable rule sets for supporting all well-known 3rd party frameworks
(Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, Infragistics controls, etc.) and web UI frameworks (GWT, YUI, jQuery, Silverlight).
Ranorex Recorder and the Ranorex Spy Tool deliver automatic recognition of controls.

Don't I Know You?

Simplified Minimal Test Maintenance with GUI Object Recognition

  • Accurate recognition during the recording of tests
  • Unique identification of UI objects using RanoreXpath expressions
  • Easy handling of modern applications, including dynamically build user interfaces, combined with a powerful UI object mapping editor
  • Automatic UI object change synchronization
  • Maintainable recordings and playbacks with the Ranorex Recorder
  • Ability to adjust to frequent software releases, upgrades and changes through accelerated testing cycles

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One More Time...

Save Time with Reusable Test Actions

Reusable Test Actions with Ranorex
Take advantage of modularity and reusability of test actions and UI elements through click & go functionality.
Reuse your well-designed steps across multiple test cases with the Ranorex Recorder.

Exterminator Included

Early Bug Finding and Error Reproduction with Click & Go Test Reports

Generate XML based test report files during test execution to reduce debugging time.
Find bugs more easily by included screenshots of the system under test in Ranorex reports.
Ranorex reports are directly connected to Ranorex Spy and Ranorex Object Repositories.

Mobile Testing on Real Devices with Ranorex

As Close as It Gets

Easy Mobile Testing on Real Devices

Awesome Awards for Ranorex
So Far...

Testing the Way You Want

Increased Test Coverage by Automating Different Types of Tests

  • Automated functional tests
  • Automated GUI testing
  • Cross-browser and cross-device testing
  • Data-driven and keyword-driven testing
  • Mobile and mobile web testing
  • Cross-platform testing
  • Regression testing
  • Agile testing with C

For Every Budget and Purpose

Quick ROI Guarantee - Low Barrier to Entry and Reasonable Price

With Ranorex you get easy-to-use, affordable automated test software for both small and large teams.
Quick results and increased productivity are guaranteed with Ranorex Studio, the all-in-one test automation tool. 
One license includes all the tools, technologies and updates you'll need.

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Start-up support and assistance with project implementation can be provided directly by Ranorex or our local partners. 
Additional helpful resources include Ranorex trainings, webinars, the Ranorex forum, the user guide and Ranorex screencasts.

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"Not only is Ranorex's solution one of the most powerful and easy to use, it has one of the lowest cost entry points resulting in a quicker ROI and their end user support and communication has been second to none."

Christofer Gendreau, Senior Automation Quality Assurance Engineer, Hard Dollar Corporation