Februar 19, 2013

Ranorex Best Practices Day & Test Automation Workshop in Zurich | 6th – 8th March (German language)

Would you like to know how to get the best out of Ranorex? Then don’t miss this opportunity and register for both German language events, "Best Practices in Test Automation" and the "Ranorex Test Automation Workshop", taking place in Zurich in March 2013.

Best Practices in Test Automation, March 6th, Technopark Zurich (Switzerland)

In corporation with our local partner Greenliff, we are proud to announce this event which will include great presentations and offer insights into real life test automation solutions.

<media 2808 - - "TEXT, Best-Practice-Day-Zurich-March-2013, Best-Practice-Day-Zurich-March-2013.pdf, 686 KB"></media>

<media 2808 - - "TEXT, Best-Practice-Day-Zurich-March-2013, Best-Practice-Day-Zurich-March-2013.pdf, 686 KB">For more information about all the presentations, please have a look at our "Best Practice in Test Automation" info sheet (PDF - German).</media>

Ranorex Test Automation Workshop, March 7th and 8th, Technopark Zurich (Switzerland)

Talk with the Ranorex team and other Ranorex users and learn the best ways to use Ranorex.

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You'll find out all about how to work with Ranorex Studio and how to use the other Ranorex tools at this two day workshop. 

In addition to the practical aspect, there will also be a focus on test automation fundamentals, helping you to decide whether test automation makes sense in specific situations as well as learn how Ranorex can help you to save money.

<media 2807 - - "TEXT, Test-Automation-Workshop-Zurich, Test-Automation-Workshop-Zurich.pdf, 1.0 MB">For all the details, please have a look at the workshop info sheet (PDF - German).</media>

If you are interested in taking part in one or both events, simply contact us at info ranorex.com.

We look forward to seeing you at our March workshop!